Friday, May 02, 2008

Conclusive proof I don't know what I'm talking about

Richard's CCN post on Franck Queudrue earlier this week had me checking my old posts on this blog to see what I thought about our erstwhile swashbuckling defender back in the day. In doing so I discovered this rather damning indictment of my own ability to judge our fortunes. Following Franck's sale to Birmingham in the summer I had this to say about his departure and the prospects for this Saturday's match;
"Franck Queudrue has left the club to join Birmingham City
for around £2.5m. I've had mixed feelings about Franck, having been
quite excited when we signed him, but subsequently disappointed
when I saw him play. Still feel he could probably have found
a better club but it might make the final home game of the season
more interesting. Actually thinking about it let's hope Franck's return
(and maybe the outside chance of qualifying for Europe) is the only
reason the final home game of the season is interesting!"

Yep, that does say "qualifying for Europe" - Ha! if only. As it turns out Saturday could be our 2nd most important game of the season. If we manage a win and results go our way we could go in to the last game of the season at Pompey with a fighting chance. One step at a time though. Whatever happens on Saturday we need to get behing the team 100%. We need to cheer every second and give the boy's our undivided support. It's been mentioned a couple of times that had we gone 2-0 down to Man City at home we'd have stood no chance of coming back to win the game. We need to make sure we don't let our emotions demotivate the players and keep the positive atmosphere going for the full 90 minutes. It's going to be a tense afternoon but I can't wait.

A couple of links from the week just gone that are worth a read. First a nod to Ken Coton and Martin Plumb for their Johnny Haynes book
in this Independent article about The Maestro from a poster on TiFF. Then this article about Jimmy Bullard and his debt to Fulham picked out by CCN from the Times.

Enjoy the match as best as you can, sing until your throat is sore and if all goes well I'll be back with a rousing report on Sunday.

Come on you Whites - Keep the faith!

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