Thursday, April 03, 2008

Desperate Times

I'm trying hard not to think too deeply about our chances of staying up. I'm coming to terms with the reality that we're very likely to be going down. If it wasn't us in this position I'd probably have written the occupants off a couple of weeks ago. However, I couldn't resist checking the remaining games of our nearest rivals to see if we could get away with an unlikely recovery.

FFC .... 24pnts - Sun (H), Rea (A), Liv (H), ManC (A), Bir (H), Por (A)
Bolton . 26pnts - AV (A), WHU (H), Mid (A), Tot (A), Sun (H), Che (A)
Birm' ... 30pnts - Wig (A), Eve (H), AV (A), Liv (H), FFC (A), Bla (H)
Wigan . 31pnts - Bir (H), Che (A), Tot (H), Rea (H), AV (A), ManU (H)
Read'g . 32pnts - New (A), FFC (H), Ars (A), Wig (A), Tot (H), Der (A)
Sund' ... 33pnts - FFC (A), ManC (H), New (A), Mid (H), Bol (A), Ars (H)

I tried to work out realistically how many points I thought each team might achieve. It didn't make me feel any better about our situation. We really do need a miracle. Of course the longer we stay in contention and the more wins we collect the better our chances but right now it's hard to see us gaining more than 10 points and even that won't be enough. We really do have to win the next two games or it's curtains.

Ah well, not much point in worrying about things we can't control. I'm still looking forward to our remaining three home games. There's been a great atmosphere at the last couple and if the team responds, as it did against Everton, we could be in for an exciting climax.


Sniffer 72 said...


Miracles do happen in football, the trouble is that the fat lady is on the horizon. Crucial that FFC beat Sunderland, me thinks - it would be a real blow to team morale if you don't come out of that game with 3 pts. I hope you are still in contention come the Liverpool game...

Chopper said...

Absolutely - part of me thinks it won't actually be that bad if we go down, but whilst we've still got a chance I'd like to see us give it our best shot.

Anonymous said...

Thing is, with the atmosphere we're generating now I'm almost starting to expect good things at home again. And throw in a performance at Reading and you never know, do you?

In reality we're doomed, but we must hope...

chopper said...

I'm not feeling that confident but I do know I'll still be holding out hope until it's mathmatically impossible to stay up.