Sunday, October 22, 2006

Game 9 - Villa 1 FFC 1

We seem to be beating all our hoodoos this season, winning on Sky, winning away, not losing at Villa Park. A cracking point and another hard working performance. Cookie seems to have got the team spirit going and whilst our squad maybe looks a bit lacking in stars maybe we really have gained a depth we didn't have before. It's hard to not get over excited when you think how well we are doing without so many key players but it's still going to be a long hard season. Points from today - Zat & Pearcy looking solid in central defence, Brown being a nuisance in midfield, Voltz & Boca performing miracles out of position, and Radz finally finding a bit of form. Final word has to be for Mr Mortiz Voltz - a cracking first Premiership goal today - better dig out that pumpkin & prawn soup recipe again it must have done the trick!

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