Monday, October 16, 2006

Game 8 - FFC 2 Charlton 1

We really need to win games like this just to stay up, and certainly if we have any allusion to a top 10 finish. Yet again I'm reduced to occasional peaks at BBC online text to see how we're doing. Fairly drab 1st half means I don't need to get too concerned - sounds like Charlton were on top but at least we stayed solid. 2nd half swung our way and then a minor miracle happens. Claus enters the fray at around the hour mark and within 5 minutes has created one goal and scored a second. Bang! All over? Not quite - a 78th minute strike from Darren Bent gives us a typically nervous last 10 minutes, but we hold on for a well earned victory. Definitely a big three points tonight - puts us in tenth which is fantastic considering the injuries we've had to deal with and puts Charlton firmly in the mire with a (frankly rubbish) 3 points from 8 games. Something there for us to build on and also a good confidence boost for the team. Villa away next which is bound to be tricky and then my next proper match at home to Wigan. Can't wait.

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