Thursday, August 31, 2006

Steeeeed & Leggy & six keepers

The only really good thing about the current transfer windows are when they close, you at least know you can forget about players coming or going for a few months and concentrate on the football. I fairly pleased with our success this window, we've filled the problem areas in the team, and had a good clear out of players who weren't going to make it with us. Our only outstanding problem is finding an intelligent centre back with leadership qualities, between now and January the current crop can try and prove we don't need one! Also slightly bizarre that with five goalkeepers officially on our books we go and buy another one. Jan La┼ítuvka is a Czech Republic goalkeeper described as "understudy to Petr Cech", strangely Jaro Drobney who we released having never played a competitive game for us was also described as "understudy to Petr Cech" when we paid £500k for him just over a year ago. Maybe that's just the fate of all Czech goalies whilst the mighty Petr stays fit.

So the Steed saga finally ends and I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. From a business point of view I think Fulham did the right thing, they got £2.3 Million for a player that could have walked for nothing in a years time. However, from a footballing point of view we've lost one the best players I have ever seen in black & white. There has been a steady traffic of Tigana era players leaving the club and I am sure the main reason for this was the contracts agreed at the time when money was flying around, rather than the quality of football. Steed has been vilified by the club and by many fans - but I don't think he really deserves it. Football clubs as a whole need to take more responsibility in the contracts they offer. I wish Steed well with Spurs (except against us) and I will be clapping him on any return to the Cottage for 5 years of magic and style.

Sylvain Legwinski also moved on, another Tigana player who fell foul of the good contract he was given. Leggy never gave us less than 100% whenever he played, and always made the effort to show his appreciation to the fans at the end of each match. Its been a tough year or so for him, as he has clearly not been in CC's plans at all, so I'm glad to see him get the chance to revive his career elsewhere.

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