Friday, August 25, 2006

Game 2 - Fulham 1 Bolton 1

Parent sitting in sunny Bexhill (the place that people from Eastbourne go to retire) so not really in touch with the outside world. My impression gleaned from Sky Sports News and TFi is that this was another poor game, which was looking for all the world like being our second defeat and setting us off to the worst possible start. A late late Jimmy Bullard penalty saved our skins and maybe covered over the cracks. We had won all 5 previous Premiership encounters with the thugs from Bolton, and there was no way that could continue much longer, so being pragmatic I guess a point is OK. Right now I'm not feeling so positive about Coleman in charge, its not the results that matter, its the apparent lack of fight or quality. We seriously need to improve our game if this is not going to be a season (and a Blog) of misery. Sheff Utd on Saturday is looking a tough prospect - and my first proper game is not until September (The Filth) which seems a very long way off. At least the old man gets Sky Sports so I'll have the chance to see decent highlights on Football First instead of the inevitable 2 minutes just before midnight on MotD. Joy.

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