Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Closed for business

It's taken me a while to write it but I have finally completed my report of the Europa League Final (see below). It seems an appropriate final post. Time to call it a day for this blog though I will continue to write sporadically about Fulham for the wonderful Craven Cottage Newsround. Thanks for reading and see you at the Cottage sometime!


smfifteen said...

Sorry to see you go, Chopper. Thanks for all the fine work. Look forward to your contributions to CCN.


Stuart @ White Lines

Chopper said...

Cheers Stuart

england away shirts said...

Yes, I echo the first comment. Shame that you don't continue fantastic blog.

Fulham are a great club Mark Hughes is a top class manager I'm sure he carry on from Roy Hodgson's reign.

I remember the Mullery, Moore and Best days that's how far back I go!!