Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reasons for loving Hodgson no. 624

Roy's been linked with the Liverpool job. This is happening more often of late. Mr Hodgson being linked with "bigger" jobs. Each time I see one mentioned it makes me both proud and fearful. I know he's happy doing the job he's doing, but you couldn't blame him if one day he decides he'd like one last shot in a major job. Then he goes and says something like this,

"It's nice I'm being linked here and there, but it's not something I was aware of. We all know it's part of football. We also know the sword has two sides. One minute the sword is tapping you on your shoulder and asking you to arise, the next thing it's being used to cut your head off."

and I can breath a little easier.

I've missed the football today. The last time I went was for the Spurs game on Boxing Day and the next time I'm going is January 30th for the Villa game. It's been too long already and there's another two weeks to go. Ho-hum. Back to my chore list I suppose.

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