Monday, November 23, 2009

Slight return

spo·rad·ic Pronunciation
(sp-rdk, spô-) also spo·rad·i·cal (--kl)
1. Occurring at irregular intervals; having no pattern or order in time.
2. Appearing singly or at widely scattered localities, as a plant or disease.
3. Isolated; unique:

Hello again. It's been a while but I've been pondering a return to writing about Fulham for some time and the Rome trip just might have provided the catalyst for this. I'm not going to get into regular match reports or trying to keep up with the daily news but if I have something worth saying and I can get it done in a resonable time frame I figure I might as well put it on here. We'll see how it goes.

While I'm here I thought I'd add my weight to the Craven Cottage Newsround campaign to introduce a F*ckupbuzzer to alert Refs to match changing errors. Actually, CCN haven't started a campaign as such but I figured if I started calling it one it might pick up some momentum and force a change.

I've been involved in quite a few heated debates in the wake of the Henry handball. It seems to me there are two issues here. Firstly, what can we do to help officials out and ensure we avoid the sort of mistakes that ruin the game and secondly, how much responsibility should the players take. I'm firmly in the camp of making the most of technology to ensure a fair result. I'm fed up with the media circus that follows a major cock up and would really just like to see something implemented quickly. I also believe players should start accepting their responsibility to make the game more honest. If money is considered more important than fairness and principles there's something very wrong with the world.


Anonymous said...

You are never going to convince players to act more honestly! It has always been rife to get as much advantage as possible, by the odd foul or so, diving I can remember taking place 50 years ago - the worst of all was Cox of Arsenal, who went down repeatedly throughout his playing days.

Chopper said...

I think they'd need encouragement. There would need to be a process to ban a player for acts of dishonesty. I think they'd adapt in the same way aggressive tackling has been reduced. I agree it will never go away completely but if, for example, Henry got a 6 match ban for not owning up at the time, players would begin to realise it was in their own best interests.

Tim said...

Snooker players admit to errors like double kisses, so it is possible for a well paid sportsman to put the word "sport" back where it belongs. What is "sporting" about cheating?

(From your temporary tour guide!) COYW