Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Thanks to TiFF I just discovered the genius of Fulham poet Ron Dixon. He has three works available at including the following rather wonderful ode to that special word I used as part of the address for this site.


My fondest wish would be to see,
Included in the OED,
A certain word (they're hard to find)
That well describes a state of mind.
Etymologically rich...
Its an attitude; a way in which
to view the world: maybe express
(with a former telegram address)
That some things happen we can't explain
Yet we know they'll come around again
When things happen out of their context
and you wonder what will happen next
When things will fall, instead of rise...
Are upside-down... not quite clockwise...
When you're out of step with all the rest,
And know it'll turn out for the best,
You'll know the word for which I wish,
Without a doubt, its......Fulhamish.

© Ron Dixon 2009

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