Monday, December 22, 2008

The numbers game - Fulham 3 Middlesbrough 0

Biggest win of the season so far and we're sitting nicely in 8th position, seven points off 5th yet six points clear of the relegation zone. We're unbeaten in seven and have only lost once in eleven.We've got the best home record in the division (albeit Man United's might have been better had they not been off on a mid-season jolly to Japan) and the fourth best defence. Things are good.

I didn't make it to this game due to the traditional pre-Christmas lurgy taking down the rest of chez Chopper and meaning I had to stay and mop various fevered brows. Just to make it worse I spent most of the afternoon at a 5 year old's party trying to convince my youngest (and second most healthy of the household) that he really did want to go and play with his friends. I'd spent quite a bit of the morning in man-to-man chats with George to make sure he was keen to go to said party and that he understood I'd just be dropping him off. Daddy's not going to stay OK? Yep. You definitely want to go? Yep. Great. Yet we pull up to the school and I already know things aren't going to go to plan. Are you going to go and play? Nope. Don't you just want to go and say hello? Nope. So I end up staying and after about 10 minutes of complete failure on my part to convince him he should join in a small miracle happens as his best friend finally manages to get him to start playing. It's too late for me now, I know I'm stuck here until the bitter end, but somehow after giving in to the inevitable I actually have a good afternoon as well. Talk to a few Mum's and Dad's I know, have a surprisingly decent cup of tea provided and enjoy watching my little terror run around and have fun. If I'm honest I've only got myself to blame, at the same age I doubt I'd even have left the safety of my Dad's leg, it's in the genes!

We got home about half past four and I managed to pull up a stream of the game (oh how I love the marvels of the Internet at times like this) and watched the last 15 minutes with a smile on my face and the contentment of knowing I'd done the right thing.

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Have a very fine Christmas and I'll be back with news of our London double header after the break.

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