Sunday, March 09, 2008

Blackburn 1 Fulham 1 - Facing up to reality

On Match of the Day Lee Dixon said he thought Fulham would stay up. I'm not sure how he thinks we're going to do it but I'm glad of a little positivity. I've spent 11 hours at work today and missed the fireworks in the cup and the tension of an away game watched from afar - I think that's probably a good thing.

A point at Ewood Park is a great result, especially when it's won thanks to a last minute free kick. Stalteri was clearly fouled for Blackburn's opener, Gamst-Pedersen "freeing himself" from Stalteri's clutches with a little too much vigour. I'm not sure we'd have done much better had the officials taken a different view. We've shown a lot of character to hang in there and have Jimmy B to thank for another important dead ball strike but may have been happy to hang in for the 0-0 had the Rovers goal been disallowed. A good point, however you look at it, but yet again it's results elsewhere that leave us in ever deepening peril. Reading's 2-0 win over Man City catapulting them up the table.

Whilst there's a chance we have to keep believing, though the Countdown To Survival clock shows just how big a task we're facing. Ah well, spirit of '66, keep the faith & come on you whites!

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