Sunday, May 13, 2007

Game 38 - Middlesbrough 3 FFC 1

And so what has been a truly dreadful season draws to a close with yet another loss. Despite losing in one of the few games played today that really meant nothing I'm still over the moon. We are still a Premier League win all thanks to that fortuitous victory over Liverpool last week and have another chance to make the most of top level football. Had we lost last week it would have been us going down today, but thanks to that Clint Dempsey goal I'm looking forward to watching MOTD tonight to see the thrills of a pretty exciting final day. Special mention to the 2000 or so fans that made the trip to 'Boro today, especially the ones that went on the "Fulham Flyer" who apparently got struck by lightning on the flight up North. Everyone ok apparently, though if it was me I'd have been looking for the train times to get home!

The anger of West Ham's lack of punishment is bound to rumble on for a while, but I reckon it will ultimately prove fruitless. Sheffield United are the team to lose out and you have to feel a smidgen of sympathy for them, but to be fair any of the teams that failed to reach 40 points this year cannot complain if they end up dropping a division. There is no doubt we have been very lucky. I'm getting excited about next season already, had time to digest the decision to give Lawrie the job and can't wait to see the changes he makes to the team. If David Healy isn't our first signing I will be amazed.

I reckon I'll keep this blog going over the summer, probably keep an eye on the transfer rumours and I've got one or two other ideas about things to write so keep on checking.

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