Sunday, March 18, 2007

Game 30 – Wigan 0 FFC 0

Well it really is looking like the last few games of the season are going to be a bit of a drag. By all accounts a woeful game of football in which Fulham managed to create very little up front. A blast over the bar by Diop in the first and a shot that was always sliding wide of the post from Captain Browny in the 2nd. We do clearly need to pick up some points to ensure we don’t get dragged into to the drop zone, and on a wet and windy day you can understand Coleman picking a conservative team, but still some strange choices made. Pearce & Boca continued at centre back, yet neither Christanval (who played midweek for Europe) nor Knight even made the bench. No place in the 15 for Moritz Volz either, which really is perplexing, as he does not appear to be injured and has shown this season that he can fill in a number of roles. We continue to play the narrow four man midfield, with no natural left footer, and seem reluctant to let our flair players any where near the pitch; Dempsey, Routledge, and John all on the bench (with only John getting any time on the park – a massive 8 minutes), and no sign of Claus at all. We need 6 points to reach the "magic" 40 point mark, maybe when we get there we’ll try and play some football again.

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