Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Not-Flu and minor depression

Game 27 - Bolton 2 Fulham 1 & FA Cup Round 5 - FFC 0 Spurs 4
Two really quite miserable games seperated by a bout of "not-flu" which I am still recovering from. It's amazing how quickly football can kick you in the gut just when you think things are going really well. I didn't really expect us to get much out of an away trip to Bolton, but combined with a complete capitualtion in the Cup, and I'm finding myself as miserable as almost any other time this season - a real low ebb. I really have nothing to say about either of these matches, and with the prospect of not actually going to a live match until April, I'm not sure I'll have much to say for quite a while. Maybe there is an element of hopes being raised after a successful transfer window, only to be dashed again by too many under-par performances, but I had really thought we had improved our squad and could actually push on to the upper reaches of the league ans was looking forward to a nice little cup run and (I know I was getting ahead of myself here) maybe ... even ... a Cup Final appearance. This all seems to have been dashed in a little over a week, and the reality sinks in that our remaining 11 Premiership matches only offer the opportunity to avoid relegation.

Maybe a stunning performance against Man Utd can turn this all around, and maybe it's just that I'm not in the most positive of moods after 2 weeks of the "not-flu".

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