Friday, January 26, 2007

Round up part 1 - Games 10 - 15

Game 10 - FFC 0 Wigan 1
I went to this one. Took my eldest and went with one of his pals and his Dad. Going with son 1 means I don’t get as wound up as I would do normally (he’s only 6 and currently an Arsenal fan - son 2 is only 3 and hasn't had to make a decision yet, I'm gonna get it right this time!). Quite enjoyed the game which I felt brought back memories of similar encounters in the lower divisions. Basically a lot of enthusiasm and effort but not much quality. Camara’s attempted scissor kick that just flicked off his foot for a throw in and Kilbane’s sliced clearance that grazed the crossbar and gave us a corner were particular highlights. In the end we were undone by a combined cock-up in defence (Liam, Zat and Franck all failing to clear the ball) and the pace of Camara.

Claus prepares to take corner vs Wigan, next to the 2nd worst linesman in the Premiership.

Game 11 - FFC 1 Everton 0
We have so far always beaten Everton at home in the Premiership. I didn’t believe we could do so again. I was wrong!

Game 12 - Portsmouth 1 FFC 1
Took a surprise lead through Zat, poxy Andy poxy Cole went and equalised.

Game 13 - Man City 3 FFC 1
Never a happy hunting ground and no Steed this year to turn the game.

Game 14 - FFC 0 Reading 1
I really thought I had picked a good set of games for my 6 ticket package. Bound to see some wins I thought. To be fair we were all over them but a rash challenge by Pearce saw a deserved red card and Doyle (who looked Reading’s best player after Michael Brown kicked Steve Sidwell and he had to go off) despatched the penalty. We tried so hard to get back into this but just didn’t have the quality to create or finish in the box.

Game 15 - Blackburn 2 FFC 0
120 Fulham fans travelled to see this - I wasn't one of them. Pretty dire.

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