Sunday, September 17, 2006

Game 5 - Spuds 0 FFC 0

What a fantastic result, with a depleted midfield against a Spurs side desperate for a win I couldn't have asked for more. Really pleased to see Coleman/Keane taking the sensible route and filling the side with defensive experience to ensure another away point. After last seasons shambles away from home we need to get everything we can, and I felt before the match even with most of our creative options missing we could get something out of this. A Thursday night game in Prague can leave little time for recovery, and I'm sure Spurs will find it hard to win after European exertions. Another bad injury though (Boa Morte - fractured cheek bone) will mean our midfield will be looking strange for several weeks. It seems to be a season of bad injuries for big name players throughout the leagues, maybe a sign of how much football is played particularly in a season following a World Cup. Anyway four games without loss sets us up nicely for the visit of the Filth next Saturday, surely we can't repeat last seasons glory - but at least we can sing songs in praise of the man in the green pants!

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