Friday, June 05, 2009

Famous Fulham Fans - The Definitive List

UPDATE 17th Feb 2011 - This list is now hosted and maintained at Friends Of Fulham and available from THIS LINK. I'll keep this page here though as a staging point.

This is my latest attempt to provide a "definitive" list of famous (or at least reasonably well known) Fulham supporters. The longer the list gets the more likely it is to include people who may not really be "proper" Fulham supporters. Don't get too upset by this, my original aim was to produce as long a list as possible, so as far as I'm concerned if you've been once its enough!

I began keeping track of these names when, in searching the Internet to find just such a list, I only found two web page links ... and both were blank. I constructed my own list and then posted it on TFI to see who I had missed. This resulted in a massive response which initiated the much larger list which you will find below. The list is in no particular order and almost certainly contains "much which is apocryphal or, at the very least, wildly inaccurate". It certainly includes a number of celebrities who have now passed on, both figuratively and literally.

Subsequently I have found this site The Famous Football Supporters Page which includes a decent attempt but is by no means exhaustive. I will endeavour to maintain this list as the "official FFC Famous Fans list" and would be happy to hear from any one with information about other famous Fulham fans or corrections to the current list. Either post a comment or send me an email and I'll consider the change. Better still, if you are a famous person on the list and aren't actually a Fulham supporter, drop me a line and I'll happily take you along to a game. Hell, who wouldn't want to be on a list that includes Pussy Galore, Pope John Paul II AND The OXO Dad!

The Definitive List Of Famous Fulham F.C. Fans
Last Updated: 10th July 2010

Ray Brooks (Eastenders, Robbie Box in Big Deal & Narrator of Mr Ben)
Michael Redfern (The OXO Dad)
Hugh Grant
Liz Hurley (has apparently been spotted since splitting with Hugh)
Iain Fletcher (DC Rod Skase in The Bill)
Neil Dudgeon (BBC's Messiah - pretty sure he used to sit near me in block H3)
Sharon Duce (Now a Brighton regular but surely deep down still Fulham)
Dominic Guard (Sharon Duce's partner)
Christopher Guard (Dominic's brother & Cathy Shipton's partner)
Cathy Shipton (Nurse Duffy in Casualty)
Sue Pollard
Keith Allen
Willie Rushton
Nigel Havers
Liz Frazer (Carry-On Films)
Sam Kydd
Bella Emberg (Russ Abbott sidekick)
Pierce Brosnan
Kevork Malikyan (Greek bloke off Mind Your Language & many films)
Fulton MacKay (Mr MacKay in Porridge)
Tony Booth (Father of Cherie Blair)
Tony Curtis
Ben Chaplin (Game-On and a film with a long title)
Patrick Mower (currently Emmerdale)
John Woodvine
Ewen MacIntosh (Big Keith in "The Office")
James Villiers
Ian Cuthbertson
Hugh Laurie

Nigel Planer (The Young Ones)
Neil Pearson (Drop The Dead Donkey)

Robin Askwith (Confessions films)
George Selway (Beryl's Lot)
Maurice Kaufman
Honor Blackman

Peter Vaughan
Geraldine McKewan (Miss Marple)
Benicio Del Toro
Jack Coleman (HRG from Heroes)
Shaun Williamson (Barry from Eastenders)
Martin Wimbush

Television Celebrities
George Lamb (TV presenter & Radio DJ)
"Nasty" Nick Bateman (Big Brother)
Georgie Thompson (Sky Sports News presenter)
Isobel Lang (BBC Weather)
Emily Maitlis (BBC News)
Scorpio (from Gladiators)
Tim Ewart (ITN Sports Editor)
Des Lynham (Brighton supporter but regular attender at FFC for 2005/06)
Kirsty Gallacher (Presenter - Really a Liverpool fan but has attended in the past possibly due to her Dad)
Nick Ross (Presenter, BBC Crimewatch)
Keith Chegwin (Presenter, Chegger's Plays Pop)
Richard Parks (Fame Academy)
"Handy" Andy Kane (TV Handyman)
Janet Street Porter (Various)

Joel Defries (Blue Peter presenter)
James McQuillan (from The Apprentice 2009)

Michael Jackson (for one game at Home to Wigan in 1997)
Ralph McTell
Dave Parsons (Bass Guitarist from Bush)
Lily Allen
Alex James (Bass Guitarist from Blur & pal of Keith Allen)
Sam Jeffers (Drummer with Fridge)
Kai Stephens (Bass Guitarist in Hard-Fi) or it could be Ross Phillips (Guitarist in Hard-Fi)
Les Gray (Singer in Mud)
Richard Drummie (Go West - though it might be Peter Cox)
Paul Roberts (Singer, The Stranglers replacing Hugh Cornwall)
Dusty Springfield
Example (Rapper)
Billy Franks (Singer, The Faith Brothers)
Kate Nash (Singer & friend of Lily Allen)
Jamie T (Singer)
Alan Price
Derek "The Draw" Hussey (Singer with The Blockheads)
Patrick Mascall (Singer & Guitarist with Von Tramp & former FFC programme editor)
The Rapture (US Dance-Punk band)
Crispian Mills (Singer with Kula Shaker)

Felix White (Guitarist with The Maccabees)
The Lurkers (Band whose debut album was "Fulham Fallout")
Mark Baron (Another Level)
Swervedriver (Indie Band)
Don Hymel (The Tim & Bob Show)
Neil Cowley (The Neil Cowley Trio)
Kylie Minogue
Ortise Williams (JLS)

Other Arts & Entertainment
John O’Farrell (Author & Broadcaster)
John Henry Ellen (Author)

Alex White (Author)
Dennis Turner (Author)
Martin Plumb (Author)
Peter Thompson (Author)

Ken Coton (Photographer)
Alex Ferguson (Famous Fan & Author)
"Diddy" David Hamilton (DJ)
Dennis Potter (Playwright)
Tommy Trinder (Comedian and ex-Chairman)
Johnny Speight (Writer of "Til Death Us Do Part")
John Sullivan (Writer of "Only Fools & Horses" and "Citizen Smith")

Eric Thompson (Writer of "The Magic Roundabout", Actor & Presenter)
Steve Steen (Comedian)
Danny Robins (Comedian)
Arthur Smith (Comedian)

Richard Kauffman (Radio 5 presenter)

Wolfie Smith ("Citizen Smith" played by Robert Lindsey)
Terry McCann ("Minder" played by Dennis Waterman)
Ronald "Budgie" Bird ("Budgie" played by Adam Faith)
George ("Men Behaving Badly" played by Ian Lindsay)
DC "Dangerous" Davies ("The Last Detective" played by Peter Davison)
Mod ("The Last Detective" played by Sean Hughes)
Dougal ("The Magic Roundabout" in one hard to find episode)

Detective Inspector Jack Regan ("The Sweeney" played by John Thaw)
Detective Sergeant George Carter ("The Sweeney" played by Dennis Waterman)
Matty Cole ("55 Degrees North" played by Jaeden Burke)
Butch Harry ("The Italian Job")

Steve Norris MP (was Everton but now a FFC regular)
Steve Pound MP
Martin Linton MP
Andy Slaughter MP

Jimmy Hill (ex-Player, ex-Chairman, TV Presenter & part time linesman)
Bernard Gallacher (Golfer)
Paul Duggan (Mountaineer)
Andy Woodman (Journeyman Goalkeeper - suggested he may be a Palace fan)
Jamie Moralee (Footballer)
Nicky Bailey (Footballer)
Dario Gradi (Football Manager)
Alan Smith (Football Manager)
Gary Johnson (Football Manager)
Graeme Banyard (Football Manager)
Jim Gregory (Football Chairman)
Malcom MacDonald (Former Football legend and Fulham Manager)
Sarah Lindsay (Speed Skater)

Danny Fulbrook (Daily Star)
Frank Keating (Guardian, Observer)
Dave Kidd (The People)
Chris Blackhurst (Financial Ed, Evening Sub-Standard)

Ian Hawkey (Sunday Times)
Joe Posnanski (The Kansas City Star)
Eleanor Preston (freelance Sports Journalist)

Paul Kenny (General Secretary of the GMB)
Max Clifford (Publicist)

Micheal Cole (Former Harrods spokesman)
The Bloke Karate Kicked by Eric Cantona (Assumed he was a Palace fan but apparently he was a regular at Fulham)
Keith Castle (1st British Heart Transplant patient)
Pope John Paul II (Pope)


Anonymous said...

Dominic Guard and Sharon Duce are partners who were Fulham obsessed but perversely stopped going when Fulham started to become successful!. They were great mates with Mickey Adams and became disenchanted when he was sacked and all the old backroom staff were swept away once Mr Fayed came along.
You also failed to mention Dom's brother Chris who is Cathy Shipton's partner. Chris still is a regular and a season ticket holder in the Hammersmith End

Chopper said...

Well I didn't know that. Thanks very much I'll include this in my next update at some point.

Anonymous said...

Example - Rapper (listen to the lyrics in his songs and look at his album covers.

Chopper said...

Thanks Matt - I should have picked up on that as I did see the cover of the single on TFI. Guess I hadn't realised how big he was getting.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

CresceNet - Isn't the Internet marvellous. I have no idea what made you stumble across this site but you are very welcome. I won't add a direct link to your site as it's not really Football related but I've translated your home page for those HEC readers not fluent in Portugese. Oh ... and a hug from me as well!

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Anonymous said...

- Ronnie Corbett, always making jokes at Fulham’s expense.
- Sue Pollard introduced to the crowd at halftime the same day as Scorpio
- Des Lynham, thought he was Brighton fan, but keeps turning up at the cottage.

Anonymous said...

Andy C - Sorry for the delay in replying, busy weekend. Not sure about Ronnie Corbett, but have wondered about Ronnie Barker. I think it might just have been the vogue back then to joke about Fulham. I do remember Sue Pollard being on the pitch. Will add her in next update. You're correct about Des - he is a brighton fan, but I guess lives up this way and just goes to Fulham to watch some football.

Anonymous said...

Have you included Richard Kauffman, the ex Talk Sport presenter?

Anonymous said...

Nick Frost is a West Ham supporter. Had a huge article in FourFourTwo (full page photo with him blowing bubbles) . . also admits it in some interviews, run a google. He shouldn't be on here.

Chopper said...

Nick Frost is gone - Cheers sublicon, a lot of the list is based on hearsay so I'm happy to correct any mistakes.

Anon - will add Kaufman in the next update.

Anonymous said...

Realise I'm coming at this a bit late but Andy Slaughter (the Labour MP for Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bush) is a longstanding Fulham season-ticket holder.

Chopper said...

Never to late Dan - I'm planning on another update in January so I'll add him then - Cheers for the info.

Chopper said...

Note: All comments above were regarding previous editions.

The following have been removed;
Honor Blackman (only came because of her husband Maurice Kaufman)
Nicholas Ball (of Budgie fame - Palace supporter)
Tony Blair (he just liked Steeed!)
Daniel Radcliffe (lives in Fulham but not interested in football)

Anonymous said...

Honor Blackman was coming down to the Cottage for at least a caouple of years, & sat in Stand D row E, she was always obsesed with Maurice Cooke & either swore at him, or cheered him on with equal fervour.
Jim Gregory, who went on to be Chairman of QPR & Portsmouth, was a massive fan, and used to come with my father, my brother & myself.
I also did not see Malcom McDonald listed - he was born oposite the ground, and was a great Johny Haynes fan.

Unknown said...

I think you'll find that "diddy" david is infact a CHARLTON fan and if you search on internet there is an itv piece of him getting some award from them and his old scrap books said...

I do remember the daughter of Maurice Kaufman and Honor Blackman, Lotti, coming a few times in the 80s!

Anonymous said...

How'd you find out about John Paul II. I knew he was a member of Barca. If he stated something about Cottagers, that makes two clubs in common. I couldn't ask for better company, right?

Chopper said...

So, Honor Blackman is back in and I've also added Jim Gregory, Malcom MacDonald, Martin Plumb & Peter Thompson.

For the Pope story check the hyperlink after his name.

I'll do some checking on Diddy, but I'd be shocked to find out he doesn't consider himself a Fulham fan now.

Unknown said...

I was anonymous, toward the bottom asking about JP II. Don't know why. Maybe I checked the wrong radio button. I'll check that link, thanks.

Chopper said...

No problem Tommy. Blogger does funny things on the comments page sometimes.

Anonymous said...

eh pope john paul 2, someone please explain how he came to support london's premier football institution

Simon of the Fulham said...

I can absolutely guarantee you that Diddy David is probably Fulham's 'biggest' supporter! Please forgive the irony. He is a former director of Fulham and has been supporting since childhood. He was also a big fan of Sam Bartram, the legendary Charlton GK, hence the link. Both his son and stepson are solid Fulham supporters, as are all the grandchildren. He would be quite shocked if he thought that people thought he could support any other club.

Chopper said...

Thanks Simon, I certainly hadn't found anything to suggest otherwise. Nice to have it confirmed.

Turbo said...

I felt sure that Daniel Radcliffe has claimed on several occasions to follow Fulham ?
I did stand behind Harry Fowler once in the programme queue (you name dropper). However, it was when we were playing West Ham and I'm fairly sure he's an 'ammer.

Chopper said...

Turbo - Have heard from a number of sources that Radcliffe just lives in Fulham and mentioned us as his club just because he was asked. Don't think he's ever been nor shown much interest beyond us being the team round the corner.

I'll try and check into Harry Fowler. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

My mums other half, Martin Wimbush ( ) is a fan. Perhaps not A List, but possibly soon to be an Eastenders regular (also a bit recognisable). Maybe worth putting on the list.

Chopper said...

I've got a fairly broad criteria for what constitutes famous (as you can probably tell) and anyone who's been in an episode of "Terry & June" definitely qualifies.

I'll add Martin soon, thanks for the tip.

Unknown said...

A fan from the world of the Winter Olympics Sarah Lindsay. Keep an eye on her in Vancouver, like Fulham she has progressed to the quarter finals of the 500m Short Track Speed Skating. Acording to her dad she hasn't been lately but she should definately be on!

Chopper said...

Thanks Phil, I'll add Sarah along with any other updates that come off the FoF thread. Will keep an eye out for her at Vancouver as well.

Spigs said...

Hi Chopper,

Alan Pardew is a chelsea fan. I mentioned the fact that many said he followed Fulham to Tony Gale and he put me right.

Chopper said...

OK. Finally got round to updating the list with the above comments and also information from this thread on Friends of Fulham.

There's been a few additions, a few "qualifying" remarks and I've removed Harry Fowler (West Ham), Craig Hutchinson (Sunderland) and Alan Pardew (Chel...).

Anonymous said...

The Fulham fan in Go West is definately RICHARD DRUMMIE...he often mentions how they're doing/have done during gigs!

Anonymous said...

Shaun Williamson is a Charlton fan.

Anonymous said...

Re the Magic Roundabout, in the latest edition of TOOFIF they clearly show that it is Brian the snail that is the Fulham fan.

As a fan of Brian I demand his inclusion or I will picket the HE Chronicle..!

Anonymous (LBNo11) bugger...!

Mike from Streatham said...

Another journalist who is a Fulhamfc supporter is Dean Jones Sportswriter with the Sunday People.Hope you put him on your list,look him up on Facebook
mike {Streatham}

Chopper said...

Cheers Mike - This list is now maintained by Friends of Fulham. I think they've got Dean added now but thanks for pointing him out.

Hostpph said...

I think that it is great that there are fans that they are willing to invest in the team.

Unknown said...

I asked Honor Blackman why she wasn't still a Fulham FC a few years ago and she reassured me that she was still a Fulham fan.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chopper said...

Thanks Ian, that's good to hear.